The Practice is based in Eltham, London SE9.


Adults :-                1st Consultation (90mins)                                               £70                

                                 Follow up Consultations (30-45 mins)                         £45


Children:-             1st Consultation (60mins)                                               £60

                                Follow up Consultations (30-45mins)                           £35

All remedies and essences are included with the consultations


Family :  Adult fee plus £30 for each child (babies under 1yr old free) if seen altogether.

If on low income or Income support please let me know






Home visits will cost an extra £15.

Between appointments you can consult me by telephone/Email  for any emergency or acute problem or for advice between appointments. (of 2 months or less there is no charge) 

Acute consultations    –  £20

I am also happy to offer telephone consultations for minor acute illnesses to those who are not otherwise my patients.


Cancellation fee is for full cost if notice given is less than 24 hours.


Check your policy, if you have Private Health Insurance, as there are a number of companies that will cover Homeopathy costs.



Disclaimer:  The contents of this website are for general information only. It is your responsibility to seek medical help and diagnosis as required. Homeopathy does not replace your GP or the need for hospital when appropriate.