Family Forest School Feedback


Some of the parents comments:

“I like the way guidance is given but the children are free to explore the things that interest them most, according to their age and level of ability. I also like the way the children are reminded of the rules etc. And the hot chocolate break is great!”

“… was great how you went with what the children were interested in and added resources so that they could extend their own learning.”

“It’s been an education! Lovely to be in the woods and learn about the trees, plants, fungi and birds. Nice to meet others too.”

After 6 sessions when asked:

What interested your child the most?P1280568

“Everything, can’t pick out one favourite thing”

Building shelters, making pretend bunk beds etc, whittling..”.


What did you feel your child has learnt?

“How to respect nature and all living things”

P1120418whittling skills, knot tying skills, having fun with friends and others whilst being outdoors and surrounded by nature…

“Respect for nature,how to manipulate tools, interaction with the environment”


Are there any activities you will repeat with your child?

‘Definitely – bug hotel making, whittling, mud painting, hut building……”

“Colour palates ….”.    Eyes closed walk…..”

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