Forest School Feedback

“This year I can honestly say, forest school has been the element which has made all our learning real and authentically cross-curricular – I can’t begin to mention the health and safety, literacy, SMSC – it has literally been everything – our writing, reading ……. our maths, even telling the time which is a big year 4 outcome, our science ……and our data handling has all been on such real experiences and data – it really has been the ‘mud’ that’s stuck the term together.”      Yr 4 Teacher Hawes Down Junior School.IMG_20160204_151632843

Some of the Yr 4  children’s comments when asked what they enjoyed the most:

“…. to tie reef knots….up until then(Forest School) I severely struggled with knots but then suddenly you stepped in and helped me!”

“….making our very own tree friends…”

“….we made little models of Forest School. I really truly loved finding little trees and stones.”

“….was when me and Luke made a stone chipping workshop.”

“….whittling. I loved the smell of the undercoat of the bark.

“…….all of it”

img_20160708_130750216.jpgThank you for everything, the children really look forward to it every week, its been wonderful.”

“Forest School builds social and communication skills, allows opportunities for children to learn through play, get fresh air, working together, following through on projects”     

When asked ‘what was the impact of Forest school on you? the teacher replied “…hearing the children use language about their environment and watching them make links to prior learning.”   Year 2 staff, Halstow Primary School.

“Thank you Sue for sharing your knowledge with us all.”

“Great to see the children learning outside, particularly about the environment and how to treat it.”

“I enjoyed seeing the class interact with each other in a natural environment and developing their confidence at handling mini beasts.”                                                           Adult helpers at Clare House Primary school 

“Seeing children really happy…..some showing great confidence not seen in the classroom.”

I really enjoyed spending time with the children in a relaxed environment where the children had time to be children, exploring the world….Thanks so much.” Yr 1 staff Castlecombe Primary School

“They look forward to Friday…. thanks to you Sue.

“Enjoyed seeing the children having fun…improves listening skills…managing risks for themselves. Encourages teamwork. Thank you Sue.” Yr 1 teachers, Dorset Road Infants

“…….children’s confidence and pleasure of school….team building, trying new things…”      Yr 3  Teacher Harris Academy Primary Kent House