FS Sessions for Schools

  1. To  lead Forest School Sessions on the school site or a site nearby.

These sessions are designed to meet the needs of your pupils. They can be topic or curriculum based and developed after meeting with the class teacher. The sessions encourage child led learning and are progressive.The minimum number of sessions are for two hours, once a week for 6 weeks. The cost varies dependent on how many sessions are booked, the site being used and whether Forest School is already established.

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There would need to be an initial pre-visit before the sessions startedIMG_20160121_091438606_HDR
  • to check site suitability,      risk assess and to survey flora present.
  • to meet with class teacher
  • to present an understanding of Forest School to parents (if required)
                                                                                                                      Images by  bluereevesphotography.tumbler.com

Schools Feedback on Forest School Sessions.

2.  To advise and/or survey flora on Forest School Site or Outdoor Learning Area.

Although part of Forest School training is to identify as much of the Flora and Fauna on the Forest School Site, this can often become a sticking point for trainees and even with all the amazing apps. it can be easy to misidentify. A full list of plant species will be produced along with an indication of which are poisonous.

Any management /maintenance advice can also be provided.

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3.   To run Staff Inset taster sessions on Forest School.

image1 3These sessions can be run as half day or full day sessions. The sessions will be very much hands on and outdoors, so staff will need to come dressed appropriately.Clothing

  • A pre-visit will be required to assess the site and to plan activities with the appropriate member of staff to meet learning outcomes

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Qualifications/ Membership

B.Sc Ecology(Hons) PGCE                                                                                                                 Level 3 Qualified Forest School Leader                                                                                           Qualified First Aid/Paediatric Certificate.                                                                                         DBS Certificate.                                                                                                                               Public Liability Insurance

Benefits of Forest School

Emotional Wellbeing
Impact on young children
Impact of longterm Forest school programmes
What are children learning at Forest school
Physical Activity at Forest School

Improvement of Learning