The Role of the Parent at Forest School

In general we are aiming to be patient, observant and to take a step back and see what happens with our child.

We only intervene if our child is doing something possibly dangerous or harmful.

We will be learning to play too and to role model ideas or activities rather than to take over.P1330914

If your child or another child invites you to join in with an activity then please do but, on their terms  and allow them to take the lead.

It is also important to let your child explore and to play without interruption. f9Sometimes they are more at home than we are and we often ‘hide’ behind our children. Recognise if you are doing this and accept that this is quite understandable and in time you can learn to enjoy the Forest and encourage your own curiosity to discover and learn. This will then model behaviour to your child when you show interest in nature around you or you become creative or imaginative with the materials. They will then naturally be interested too, you can encourage them to help you until they are confident to take the initiative themselves.

Allow your child to take risks as that is how they will find out what they are capable of managing. If they ask for assistance then step in but try to encourage them to only do what they themselves are able to ultimately do themselves. They may need suggestions to guide them in this.P1370684

Encourage them to solve any problems and to sort out any disputes rather than jumping in to sort it out for them, if you do need to intervene always reflect the situation back to them. E.G. If you felt they were playing unsafely with sticks you could say once they have been stopped:

‘….I was getting worried that one of you might get hurt, can you tell me why? What can you do that won’t worry me so much?…’

Encouragement as ever is positive we should rarely be saying ‘no’ as they learn to take responsibility for their actions.

If you are using a camera try to photograph them discreetly and without stopping play.

Please only use your mobile for emergencies.

You are welcome to bring snacks but try to leave them until we stop for our ‘drink’ break altogether but, be aware that other children may not have snacks.