About Gentle Healing


Gentle Healing is my way of providing healing and education to people using nature as a guide.

Spending a small amount of time in nature each day has a huge impact on people’s Wellbeing  and there is a mounting body of Research to demonstrate this. People by being immersed in Nature can then also better understand and relate to the environment and their impact upon it. We can learn too about the healing properties of individual plants and how they can gently help us heal on many levels.

I’m a qualified Forest School Leader, Homeopath and Teacher that works with children and adults; sharing knowledge and experience that manifests positivity. I realised from an early age that I loved being outside, it was natural to choose a career that enabled this to continue and lead me to completing a degree in Ecology in my original hometown of Edinburgh. From pursuing animal conservation in Asia and Africa to focusing on green spaces at home, I’ve learned that nature can act as a tool for individuals and families to reconnect with their surroundings. Whether it’s a question of rediscovering a forgotten passion or learning something new, there is still a lot we can learn from our parks and woodlands.

Forest School

The single greatest longterm plan for Britain’s green spaces is one that puts future generations at the centre. It all starts with education, and Forest School provides a space for children to learn, play and create in an environment they’re responsible for. I offer freelance work for schools both on and offsite, as well as Saturday and Holiday Family Forest School sessions lead by me in my local Oxleas woods. Find out more


Plants can do amazing things and Homeopathy uses them to gently help the body heal itself and so rebalance. Gentle Healing is my way of providing healing and education to people using nature as a guide. I’ve always felt there had to be a gentler way of helping my children through childhood illnesses other than methods with potential side effects. This lead me to studying and  qualifying as a working practitioner in Homeopathy. If you’re interested in learning more please click here.

Images by  bluereevesphotography.tumblr.com